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Gawai Dayak – Sarawak’s Harvest Festival

Sarawak Gawai Dayak Festival

Gawai Dayak – Sarawak’s Harvest Festival 2015



1 June 2015 – 2 June 2015


The Gawai Day held in Sarawak marks the end of the harvest for the Iban, Orang Ulu, Bidayuh and some other ethnic groups. Throughout the years, the Gawai Day has become a symbol of unity, aspiration and hope for the Dayak community. It is a day of giving thanks to the spirits that have bestowed a bountiful harvest to the community, and marks the preparation for a new farming season and life in general. The whole community takes part in the celebration which involves a lot of rituals, singing, dancing and sharing of traditional food and drinks such as tuak, a wine made of fermented rice. Enchant yourself by the various cultural performances and traditional delicacies.


Throughout Sarawak


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Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia (MOTAC)

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